" BFFF "


the completion of a circle, and the end of the notions of being ever forgotten. may all people have in the least one person to call their friend. a person in which you can share feelings and secrets, someone to give you the gift of reflection and discovery, and one to teach you those life lessons which help to shape your daily existence.

a variation of that sense of intensely overwhelming giddiness you felt as a child running the most fast laughing and giggling, hurtling towards a destination unknown in such a state of elevated elation, you feel you will explode in a blinding glow of sparkles or throw up and pass out.

though we find ourselves detached from those we hold the most dear, there are the most beautiful arrays of invisible strings, pulled taut and underneath the most detectable scrutiny, could be seen to shimmer and flex with the strengthening of our connections.

endless friendship, leaping, soaring, to the ends of the earth and back! through space and time, through bother and wit, through silences and distances. this is the love we seek and the ones we've found.

tonight's homework:

you are not alone. tell your BFFF that you love them, and miss them, and will cook them dinner, then watch a moooooovie soooooon!