" blind spot navigations "


you can see your reflection in others, and more so in their reactions and expressions. your loved ones, both family and friends alike hold such a mirror up to our lives, that at times we adore the mirror, at times we fear the mirror, and sometimes we forget the mirror is there at all.

it's in the glint, the glimpse, the refraction, the flash, the spark, the observation and the meditation. to see into yourself is a great opportunity, and one we forget to do on a more regular basis.

we believe ourselves to be so strong without weakness, hale without illness, sound without influence. we need the echoes, the feedback loops, and the intermittant errant frequencies to disrupt our white noise eyeshades.

we need the helpful criticism, the reviews, the reality checks to keep us faithful to the promise of ourselves to become more realized. i ache for definition amongst the jagged edges.

tonight's homework:

learn o to cook a recipe which you've until now stayed away from out of fear that you don't have it in you to succeed. it takes a leap of faith, no matter how seemingly small the project. you are going to do great, and it will be delicious.