" beguiling mysteries abound "


the road the road, the winding roads. wherever shall we go? how will be get there? what will we do when we get there? what wonderment will we be a witness to along the way?

so many things, so many people, so much nature, so many details. everything is interesting. all things all things everything is marvelous.

you're sitting in a car going through long lined lanes. to your left, the mountains of an earth in deep formation; you're a blip, a pinpoint, a beautiful flourish on the land. to your right, a wide expanse of nourished vegetation; you're of the cycle, you have meaning, you are necessary.

behind you lies your foundation built through life lessons, and ahead the unyielding full force of the sun lashing its long rays and beams upon the gleaming band of horizon. you are beautiful, you are whole, you remain eternal.

tonight's homework:

learn something new about yourself and the world around you. remember to drink a tall glass of cool clean water.