" body breaks "


intermittent flashes of daylight, or was it the room light? no curtains, blustery wind chills flurrying outside, like the snow goblins are rapping at the gates.

going in and out of the most gold beautiful dreamscapes filled with wondrous everythings, then descending into ceaseless dark nightmares. i could feel the chilled grasp of sickness about my body, from the top of my head down to the tip of my pinkie toe.

and then the searing heat of double comforter plus radiator plus multiple hoodies trying to cook the ills out. body aches in abundance, where each direction turned creates new entire universes of curious sensation. a full-body migraine envelops and you shudder with heat chills and freezing blazes.

and then the morning broke. the sunlight was soft and lovely. i could hear children chattering on the street below, and i felt better.

emerging from my nested cocoon, i believed i was well enough to tackle standing upright, and potentially eating like a normal human again. only time will tell.

tonight's homework:

make sure you have an emergency contact in mind, and in reality. nothing like having someone miss or care for you while you are down for the count.