"boom bap summa "


raucous laughter splits the silence like a rattling in a valley. the skies are wild tonight with flurries of pink, brushstrokes of deep red, and slivers of indigo scratched throughout. all about me are flailing legs and arms, writhing bodies, spinning in place, and eventually gravity's gift we all fall down.

ashes, ashes, a cascade of powder floats on a breeze. i can smell the sticky thick of beer once cold now room temperature. we all get up and slosh around in the humid damp night.

the grass feels cool on our feet as we trudge and dance, gyrate and swoon. there is a swell of love tonight, and i aim to clutch on tightly to this moment, for fear it will never pass by again.

tonight's homework:

figure it all out and speak the words; the sentiment does nothing for nobody just jostling around in your melon.