" brain jelly "


after five days straight of setting up and finessing a new RAID array for my photography files (and everything else digital to be organized), this above is what my head feels like.

a gelatinous, shifting, malleable, beautiful, organic fractal, capable of all things except proper sleep hours and socializing. this has been and continue to be a great exercise in DAM (digital asset management) workflow regulation.

if anything, over the years i've been honing in on my personal organizational structure, one key thing come to mind: create a true folder structure which makes sense, is repeatable throughout the years, and remains flexible for files which are important, but may not ultimately fit in the initial design.

we always think we have the best laid plans, the greatest idea, the bulletproof workflow. but life is not like a rigid cabinet; life is a winding, meandering, curious child, and is relentless in its search for a greater truth.

i hope that at the end of this, my style of keeping all my stuff organized can spill out into the real world. who knows, a clean DAM hierarchy could lead to a clean computer system, a clean deskspace, tidy room, folded clothing, a life with a pattern designed to remain intact, and of course leave room for  a bit of wanderlust.

tonight's homework:

start somewhere, make a move, get on it, dance break, water break, make your life into a gold brick.