" bundle up "


get your ish together and feel free to proceed and crush it. i know i've been reflecting, reminiscing, pining, dreaming, and wishing lately, but now's the time we're gonna rally.

now is a great time to gather all your materials, ready your tools, and hone your skills. whether the time of year where actual snow and sleet gather at your windows, or you are in more temperate climes, it's never a bad idea to do some tidying up and prep.

kick off your shoes, roll up your pant legs, and get gruff. it's going to be one hell of a sprint, and i know we've been holding back all year long. dig your toes in, and whenever you feel ready, take that first stride.

tonight's homework:

eat something simple, light, and healthful. shower thoroughly, wash your face, broth them pearly whites, and go to bed early. there's so much more to go, and you need your rest.