" ça m'est égal "


teetering over the edge of everything with all things in balance.

right mind, right action, right breath.

soul-steady and soaring. finding the rhythms alongside the beats, and knowing that there are never just two choices to any and all decisions.

knowing that you are a beautiful creature made of stardust, that you are lovingly flawed and exist at acute angles to the norm, that you are perfect in the afternoon and throughout all hours.

tonight's homework:

saying you love someone without palpable action is like whispering your secrets underwater; you'll feel all the satisfaction of release but the sounds may fall short in the shallows and the pressure builds all around. the message is lost to the waves and current without a destination and aimless.

identify some truths in your life and share them with your closest friends. when we take the time to bring everyone up and make positive moves, we all benefit in finding the most receptive of recipients.