" can i, i can "


sometimes things just come together in such a way, you cannot deny the overlap of the universe. instincts become sensations become feelings become energies become venn diagrams become manifest in the real world.

the curious parts, those moments where you take a step back and take a moment, those are the interesting ones to note. is this a waking dream? is this serendipity? are we experiencing deja vu because of a glitch in the matrix? whoa.

you have these moments, you meet these people, your day turns on its head, and everything finds an alignment. no rhyme, maybe rhymes. no reason, maybe all the reasons. who is to say whether it's a sense of the divine, or just mathematical equations playing out in real time? 

life is blessed and actively interactive sometimes; get an eyeful.

tonight's homework:

take good notes. follow up and follow through.