" known, but unwritten chapters "


keep kind. keep striving and work hard at your craft. it will pay off.

keep generous, keep open. keep on top of your game, whatever the rules, bend and break them; excel at your flavor of greatness, and apologize whenever absolutely necessary. be humble, and be proud of your accomplishments.

keep brave and adventurous.

keep promises, keep a planner, keep and finish to-do lists. make lots of plans with lots of varied people and really make a focused effort to respect the time you spend together. these are your compatriots, collaborators, and time is a precious commodity, so treat it with respect.

keep a love in your heart, a strength of will in your bones, and pens & paper in your bag.

it's going to be an interesting experience, this life in this time, your time...and there's so much to do.

tonight's homework:

thank someone with a true thanks. they deserve it, and you are lucky to know them aren't you?

(yes you are.)