" chrome nyc pwns service "


ay though, big big ups and shout-outs to the intrepid and helpful crew at CHROME NYC for really coming through with the thoughtful sweet replacement of my crummed-up citadel bag.

with stitches coming apart and frays all about one shoulder strap, they evaluated the bag overall, and made a decision to offer me a replacement new bag. what a bold move & offer.

it was a really swift decision, and as i traded old for new, it really was a moment of pause. that bag has been with me for a number of years now. i've traveled with it to california, oregon, thailand, india, bali, and of course, all around NYC. bittersweet for sure, but very impressed.

this is what best practices breeds brand loyalty. all other companies take note; if you care for and treat your customers more like people and less like numbers, they'll regard you as their friend rather than a money pit.

kickin' ass and making me very contented. many thanks and see you soon!