" clacking and clanging "


flexing against the winds, we make our way through the tight corridor. i can hear the rumbling below from commuter trains as they pass along so many multiple rails. the signal is coming in clear, and the sun is high in the sky.

walking now past a community garden, long disregarded and overgrown with various transient weeds and undergrowths. the shadows fill in the hollows where fresh vegetation probably once flourished.

seeing a young couple walking hand-in-hand a block up ahead. their heads lowered and leaned in towards one another, their hands clasped tightly and loosely together, and their shuffling feet in sync with each other's gait.

the world passes by, and the day is just a blip in the age of the earth. the clouds form and dissipate, the trees blossom and shed leaves and outstretch and dig their roots deeper and deeper into the soil. the sun arcs across the upper atmosphere, and for a moment, everything comes into a focuses and aware moment of complete clarity.

tonight's homework:

organize the spice rack.