" cleaning house "


i wake up in the early morning first to the heat of the full rays of the sun on my body. the world goes red as i am aware of where i am, and white after i peek through my eyelids. on the other side of a night spent dreaming, resides the hollows of a medium-sized room emptied out of belongings and furniture.

such a barren void, to know that your possessions are so unemotionally un-anthropomorphized, as if the promise of disney's magical realms all come crashing down upon reality and your life of collections, papers, media, and personal effects crumble apart. not quite a moving day, still there is change definitely afoot.

it's all unraveling in the evolving daylight. the temperature is rising. the sounds of cars and busses and trucks and people walking by come though the open window. it is time to reckon with it all. peel back the curtains, lift the blackout blinds, open the doors to all possibilities, and stand face to face with the truth of the matter.

it is going to be an interesting time all around. get it.

tonight's homework:

make great observations, take detailed notes, drink water, nap outside in the shade if you are able, eat healthy, spend time with friends talking until the sunset kisses the horizon, share whispered secrets into the darkness.