" cliffs & heights "


walking around a city or town is one of the best ways to see not only the way it is laid out and how to get from here to there, but you build a character study on the city itself. there are vast amounts of touching, lovely, lonely, singular, brash, and whimsical locales in any given city.

those places you know of in periphery, but failed to really stop, to really take a solid look by turning your face towards its face, and giving it a clear examination.

how many people met here? how many things occurred? loves found and solidified over there, hearts broken, tears, heartache multiplied and the parties shattering off into the dark of night.

but how many lives intersected here? it's so overwhelming and beautiful that we cannot bear to stand for long. walking helps spread out these feelings and helps to disperse these epicenters of those converging energies.

how else do we fall in love with a place, and allow a non-person, building or object, nestle its way deep into our favor and appreciation? we must take the leap in each day and soar higher than the previous parameters have defined as our utmost limit.

tonight's homework:

there is such a wealth of beauty out there, and it is up to you to seek it out.