" closer than a whisper "


the ole straight and narrow, the golden rule, doing unto others, and the many ways we navigate the seas of morality and ethics. i an see the lapses, the blunders, and the shortcomings of my fellow human beings. but is it enough to observe? is it "right" to actively engage and "correct" society to my own interpretations of these practices?

probably not.

the one thing that has been the most frustrating and heart-heavy in this life has been when to act, and when to hold back.

i feel like i speak and express a lot towards the idea of that tedious balance between the extremes of silent, invisible pure observation and awe, and the active engagement of our Selves in situations greater than our expectations.

to have seen something which is so moving, and then to attempt to be a part of it. or to see something so tragic, and know that your involvement will alleviate the pain of someone else, even to one's own detriment mentally, physically, and perhaps to the ruin of your reputation.

it's a fine line, but to see is a burden, to know is a burden, to have faith in something anything is in of itself a potential burden. but what a release when you do the right thing. what a rush, what a curse lifted, what a complete and utter sense of satisfaction, pride, joy, and contentment could be had by extending your sense of humanity beyond the confines of your physical space.

every great helpful and beneficial act is always such a short distance away, that we should find our courage, and pledge to be of service to one another. to actively stay impartial does everyone you love a disservice. 

tonight's homework:

this is not a call to arms or a judgement on your character. there are always many permutations of inputs and outcomes. above all, have good intentions, think before acting, and take care to keep yourself and others out of harm's way as much as possible.