" concentric circles "


the ripples in the waters rippling rippling.

the layers of a sweet red onion tears-inducing.

these sound waves emanating and how they sit so lovely in the shallows of my ears.

rays, radio signals, wifi, and all manner of pulses, both digital and analogue.

the mineral deposits of evaporation.

the years in the age of a tree.

could you find your way to the truth through these vibrations? through to the meat, the heart, the truths plural, the marrow?

you've been there before. we've been here before. it was you, it wasn't you. it was me, it wasn't me. 

we are constantly becoming more than we were mere minutes and moments ago. our experiences and trajectory compounds and resounds into the world.

tonight's homework:

watch out for the telltale signs, and heed the call once received. the time is always right for a personal reckoning.