" considering all possibilities "


when we were children, the intense excitement felt building up of structures, was only released into the world by its imminent destruction. momentary chaos fuel our innate understanding of creativity, inspiration, pleasure, and a sense of self-confidence.

these life lessons evolved into adolescence and early adulthood, raucous, volatile, emotionally shifting, and ultimately, hopefully, come out the other side of experiences a calmer, more genuine, fervently aware, focused and ambitious human being.

we do not require of ourselves to be fully realized and infallible, just understood, tempered, and allowed to find success through calculated mistakes and risk-taking. now we are in the flux of it all, gunning steady and true towards a life lived. one made in the image and realizations of our collective past, and forever pushing forward into a future unknown.

we do our best to keep our heads above the fray, to hurt others as little as possible, and in our way, return the energies back into the world. it has not always been an easy road, or a clear road, but it has been a meditative road, and one filled with teachings beyond measure.

we have the opportunity for such great beauty; a capacity for greatness and achievement like no other time before. it is all within our grasp and believably possible, one could almost argue that time passing and an ever-shifting level of motivation may all which stands between our desolate barren deserts of blockage, and the sweet water'd oceans of a new day.

tonight's homework:

water your plants, but also sit with them. speak with them, and sing to them. every living thing on this world deserves at least one moment of your time, and it only takes a moment's time to improve upon and better your positive inclusion in the world. make a difference.