" continuity "


at the year's close and some things remain the same; paying the rent, purchasing film before mending my boots. the cold has returned as winter slips in past autumn like a sly white fox.

each day a renewal, each moment an opportunity to do better, be better, shine brighter, and make sure that all those i care for are moving forward as well.

just understanding, prosperity, a passion for existing, being creative, helpful and observant at all times, humble in your successes, ravenous in your hunger for improvement, and all things beneficial.

if it is a good thing, it bears repetition. we restate our truths aloud and reassert our actions to solidify their importance. over and over and again and again. what we do has weight which is less a burden than a release. and such a lightness when you are seen, heard, understood, felt, and that energy is reciprocated back.

we find ourselves in the presence of boundless opportunity, and i will do all i can to spend these last couple weeks reflecting on the greatness that was this year. reveling in the accomplishments, reconnecting with my touchstones, and reaffirming my strengths for the year ahead.

tonight's homework:

go over your checklist for this past year, and see how many boxes have been ticked, and what actions you could take to check the remaining things-to-do. you can do it!