" cool kids "


remember to look up once in a while. you may realize that you're not the center of attention, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

being not the one in the spotlight all the time allows you unique perspectives on everyday life. you are more able to observe other people and their behaviors. you see how they act when in public, how they are kind, and maybe how they use clothing, status, or attitude to push other people down while attempting to pull themselves up.

what i know to be true about those sort who hold their noses higher is that they only pull up the fact that they are more sad, more depressed, more anxious, more insecure, and when behaving admonishingly, made more ugly in the shadow of their own creation.

better to be humble, proud, strong, brave, and do your best on your own terms, rather than attempt to mimic such behavior otherwise. you have the power to dictate your demeanor; hold your head high.

you come from the royalty of the earth. through the millennia, you have come into existence, and we collectively herald your presence amongst us. we are survivors and all of our hard work will pay off i can promise.

tonight's homework:

you are not alone or invisible. i see you and you are known, appreciated, and valid. please do the same for someone who needs a little boost, because most people slink to the sides and allow themselves to be pushed around. give someone the acknowledgments they deserve.