" living the creative life: thoughts on a shoot "


i met up again with a friend of mine who has sat for me in the past. she was everything you would like in a collaborator. a sense of trust, or peace. the relationship, a period of mutual admiration, evolving and troubleshooting your way through an idea.

mostly, when it comes down to the images themselves, the work itself, you just want something to be successful. it's a heavy burden, going from the inception of a hint of an idea, through to the finished image.

and for me most of the time, even though i do thoroughly enjoy the end product realized and then in my hands as an object, the process and the execution is filled to the brim with that certain fiery inspiration, pride, glee, and eventually a glimmer of hope.

i thrive in that environment, wherever it may exist.

you must respect those hours where someone has met you at your best intentions, and prove them right to give you the opportunity. and i feel that in this way, i will never stop photographing.