" creatures of habit "


questions questions, always questions and rarely a solid, static, sufficient answer amongst them. just beautiful asides and first-hand tales...which are lovely as well. sure, sure.

if you are going to feel it, say it aloud. if you are going to step forward, be prepared to leap. if you are going to make yourself known, don't be surprised if someone reacts to your arrival. we cannot always be so shocked at where we end up in a state of confusion. what will i do differently, to be closer to my aspirations instead of continuously skirting the edges.

we love hard, fall hard, live rough, and take chances all around don't we? shouldn't we? who can tell what the ultimate outcomes will be, if we ourselves do not fully commit to the moment?

and even when the moment is an unexpected length of time, will we be any less determined or tenacious?

tonight's homework:

of course to meander is to experience more, but there should be progress, or else you are just aimlessly wandering. it is a world of endless possibility, but the breadth is broad, the paths extensive, and the distances between so great. it is not enough to have a dream if there is no action to fulfill it. find the means to create the path.