" curious angles "


cleaning up, cleaning house, cleaning soul. making moves to organize, tidy up, rearrange, and beautify inside and out. upside and down, with a certain conviction.

this is about maintenance, and the ability to be present with a dash of foresight. have the capability to exist in a constant state of determined order without the worry or anxiety of the inevitable.

sweeping the dust-bunnies oh hesitation, wiping down the sheen of shyness, and giving the ole self-reliance self-confidence, self-awareness a thorough twice over. never mind the perceived clutter, everything reveals itself in due time, but perhaps for these truths to appear, it requires a little active participation.

tonight's homework:

gloves on, elbows deep, an honest go of it, epsom salt soak, arnica, proper meals and snacks throughout. plenty of water and rest.