" cutting through the treehole "


when all else has failed what you're left with are all the elements and accouterments with which you will fashion the rest of your life. and it is just that overwhelming and astounding.

it's trimming the fat, seeing the light through the trees, creating a theorem to see around the corner, the elixir d'amour.

how can you possibly go wrong when you've already defined in clear terms the specific flavor of rock bottom? and what a bright day it looks to be from the bottom of this hole. surrounded by the dark coolness and damp clay structure, you're beginning to engineer the ladder of your escape.

perhaps now you see that the mistake was only one out of a series of attempts, and now you are beginning to see the shape of success.

tonight's homework:

unclench the tension around your heart, and feel free to look around. no one is perfect, everyone is weird, and life is endlessly fascinating.