" dark matter "


beneath the waves, there is a dampening around my body, and as i sink into the depths, i can hear only whale songs and the shifting of tectonic plates rumbling.

pressure building and the clutch of a deep pressure grips tightly as everything inside me is crushed and implodes. just a flicker of memories scattered in my final moments in the dark matter surroundings.

warm days, bright beams emanating from shared moments, smiles, laughter, those moments when everything fit into place. the moments where everything made sense, had a purpose, sent me reeling, and put me completely at ease.

in the release of the last breath of air, just before my skeleton shatters, i awake in my room gasping for air. the day has broke, the sounds of cars passing in the street mingle with children laughing in the adjacent schoolyard. i inhale in a new day and prepare to change my life forever.

tonight's homework:

clean your room before you are buried by the inconsequential. save the goods, purge the scraps.