" dear friday "


there is so much pain in the world, at times it is very difficult to deflect it, refrain from engaging it, or rid oneself of it. at times it becomes to omnipresent, that i am confused how to properly deal with all signals and inputs. i feel overloaded and overwhelmed with grief and ache.

there is so much beauty in the world. at times it is difficult to comprehend it, accept it, or properly find the words to express it. the people in outlives which touch our souls, the moments in which we find such release, such glee and joy, and those exchanges and interactions which define what magic exists all about us.

dear friday, please be gentle with me today. i reside between heartbroken and filed with a hope for better days. take all of the into account when you present the weekend to me soon. i will do my best to thankfully receive whatever you have in store.

tonight's homework:

light a candle for those we have loved and lost. many memorable people who have colored our existence with their presence, and now have made their peace. for those who remain in your lives, cherish them, tell them how they make your life better for being a part of it, and do it often.