" details in the shadows "


after ten days of long nights on little sleep, i am very proud to announce that my website remap is ready to go live. right. now.

as stated before, this process for me has been more about taking a real look at what drives my interests in the past five years. most of the work has been pared down and re-categorized, cleaned out, shifted from back to front, and front to back.

we spend a lot of time on so many other people's sites, that when it comes to our own work, and what we both love to create and share with the world at large, it has to be something reflective of your Self, of your interests, and images representing specific deconstructions of the people and places around us.

in each moment for me, i feel that i have a beautiful collaboration on the horizon. in each project i delve into, i feel those luxurious shadows extending their lengths across the plane of exposure, and my vision and happiness finds its focus.

please feel free to browse, share, comment, and participate.


tonight's homework:

find someone you appreciate, and give them some of your support. it feels great to give and to receive.