" distance makes the heart something something "


signing off for a little while. traveling around the bay area and eventually down to la-la land. photographing, collaboration, walking around the old haunts, and making new ones.

going to let my manufactured bklyn anxieties slip away, and rediscover my mellow. sometimes when we don't take breaks for the mind, body, spirit, constitution, we may find ourselves years later with such a sense of regret and what-ifs.

i have long stretches of time where i'm living in a what-could-it-be-like, so i'm happy to have a new opportunity to take this time off. as per usual, hit me up with any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions. i'll be on the road, and though the road is long, it is still contactable.

tonight's homework:

light a candle, sing a song, shift your comfort zone to the side, move on.