" did you have a summah? "


walking barefoot through the grasses, dirt beneath your feet and your body sinks ever so slightly into the earth.

laying down on a beach letting the sunbeams bathe your entire body in radiant light from a dying star. the waves brush and wash the sand in their endless cycle.

the smell of barbecue and savory sauces in the air, cast iron butter-browning caramelizing onions and farm fresh zucchini. laughter in the air and the clinking of brown beer bottles like wind chimes.

outdoor activities, sweltering film festivals on inflatable screens, boat rides on the rivers and bays, fireworks for no other reason than fun, long bike rides on narrow roads in the mountains, ice cold treats in the shade and shadows, spending time spanning time.

as summer comes to a luxuriously languid close, did you do your very best?