" do your best "


without that sense of home, it's sometimes hard to find your footing. the world is such a strange and curious place.

you do your best to find in yourself that strength, that willpower, the feeling of bravery and solace. it all mashes together in such a beautiful way, in such a medley of chaos and beauty.

walk softly, be present, show patience in the face of judgement. show care in the face of those who would oppose your good nature. the time is short, the time is long.

we are so many, and there are so many chances to prove the quality of your character. being humble doesn't always mean you are lesser-than. rather, when you show other's your humility, you become more human, more empathetic.

we are but a multitude of fleshy beings, buzzing and reverberating with talents and attributes numerous and joyful. whisper your most valiant and best wishes into the wind, and let them find a receptive landing place.

tonight's homework:

make a new friend, and expand the fold.