" don't show all your cards at once "


have faith in your gifts, talents, power, and intuition. if you remain true to your intent and do not allow yourself to be swayed beyond the perimeters of beneficial influence, rarely will it all turn out other than gold.

we make unruly compromises in our interactions, work duties, healthy eating regimen, our relationships, and in all matters of the heart. i am trying to do my best to define a path of heart and truth which parallels those i wish to spend my time with and around.

and it is difficult despite all words and coercion signifying the potential for the everything to come easy. nothing is easy; rarely is anything easy. but much is easily read, discernible, broken down into palatable portions.

the most difficult aspect of it all is we are too close to our Selves sometimes, to have a clear perspective. you take the safest routes, the seemingly quick short-cuts, and we love to revel in short-term gains.

but trust your real desires. trust your good nature and well-meaning intentions. we are putting more love into the world to drown out the swell of darkness, disappointment, physical harm, anguish, bitterness, and despair.

most definitely not an easy or simple task, but there is such a silver lining to behold. the radiance will disperse and destroy all sadness and depression. the rays stemming from within the marrow, and extending well and beyond the confines of out corporeal forms.

tonight's homework:

do something about it. be brave.