" feel everything at all times "


she resides completely in the present moment, head knocked left a touch, and her eyes flutter for a second before resting still and glistening.

with each breath inward, there is the expanding memory of the entire universe known and recycled. with each metered exhale, the balance is restored, and the body remains calm and at rest. joys, exuberance, well-being, nostalgia, intimacy, memory, beauty, youth, and vitality.

there amidst the afternoon, overcast in all of its swirling gray whispers passing through, the relative stillness of the day has time to reflect upon itself. in the distance there are the sounds of cars driving by, children laughing, potholes being discovered by the large tires of delivery trucks, birds at play, airplanes overhead, and the cacophony resounds.

just a shared moment with such delight, with such a private relish, it is as if no one has ever felt this way before. the end of the afternoon leading into the evening, and all is well and right in the world.