" effortless cool "


there are many factors to why something or someone is cool. once attained, how long does the attribute of cool last, and what is the half-life of coolness? hard to determine, but you can feel its power radiating like heat from the sun, or the low vibration of a subwoofer speaker unit.

the crazy part is some places just exude this ceaseless sense of magnetism. we are all moths to the flame of these particular locations, people, ideas, clothing, activities, vessels, etc. there is something about the inability to specify or distinguish to the particulate or molecule the exact "why" or "how so" of it all. you just feel it, and it is.

this is why i love those things which without fail hold on to their sense of greatness. there is an innate regality which permeates all time shifting, trends evolving, leveling off, and eventually fading away.

why question it at all? observe, take note(s), share experiences, and allow the world to reveal itself to you.

we love what we love without question. we love where we love despite distance or proximity. we love whom we love with such a ferocity, it simultaneously breaks us all to pieces as much as it does lift us up and take us away to some flavor of earthbound heaven.

tonight's homework:

write a postcard to a friend or family member. buy actual stamps, and affix it/them to the postcard. walk to the mailbox and slip the postcard in the little door. walk back home and make yourself a drink. this is living.