" every chance you have "


this is it, the only time you have in which to make the best decision based on the information you've gleaned from however many years old you are.

now, tonight, today, this minute, is the singular one time in which to tell yourself "i am alive, and i will do my absolute best." to do anything less is fine; there will not be any test. but you'll know how much effort you put in, and you can never be disappointed with how it turns out.

even a moment of calm relaxation is a chance for you to really attempt to be present and without distraction. somewhere between a silent rest and a focused meditation, there can exist a feeling so great and so healing, that without even to consider it a go would be slightly foolish.

whether you believe it or not, there are so many opportunities out there. ones where you follow your dreams, achieve goals, make people happy, find and share love, go on long walks contemplating the nature of existence, movie marathons, laughter without a volume control, making yourself known to a stranger, collaborations with like-minded creatives, getting a foot in the door, pure adventuring which pushes you to your limits and beyond, and many more.

time is fleeting, and it's all happening as you read these words. don't let yourself down. you are so powerful, and all you have to do is try.