" examples of a man "


it's a curious thing, the notion of what makes a man. in my life, i never had a direct instructional on how to develop those qualities which would be resultant in manhood. it was a smattering of observations, learning by osmosis from other men in my life, an assemblage of mimicry, and moments of flexing my own notions.

as i am now, it feels like i'm less a "man-man," and more simply a human. there are most definitely templates, stereotypes, and typologies of what the global man is, but we are all just shades of gray on the spectrum.

we all have the infinite potential for greatness and tenderness, where our mightiest power lies in having the notion, and knowing when to utilize it in support of our fellow people.

the beauty of our existence lies in our bold implementation of our personalities and is recorded by those around us through our actions. what makes you a man then, becomes less important than what makes you a good person.