" facing the sun "


it takes photons an average of eight minutes and twenty seconds to reach the earth from the sun. they travel the speed of light across the vast black vacuum of space once emitted, and in all that time, our planet has welcomed its warmth, its beams and rays, its sense of nostalgia.

this is one of the beautiful impermanent achingly melancholic attributes about existence. we are here, we are seen, we are felt, we are devoid of time, we are released by time.

all the light that touches our world was created within the sun's core tens of thousands of years ago. so much has happened. so much has not yet happened. and yet we are marked by time and it's embrace.

when we have the opportunity to see one another in this daylight, though it is not a strange or uncommon experience, it is one of a singular moment. we are spanning time, together, and the moment passes, the beam is absorbed and it becomes us.

tonight's homework:

for just a few minutes, for just one moment perhaps, take some time to stand in the path of the sun today. face this curious sphere eyes closed, and dedicate the time to the impermanence of it. let it become you, heal you, fuel you, then disperse all about your molecules.