" find it in your heart "


forgiveness being one of the most healing, the most beneficial, and the most hard-won states of being we are able to attain, drives me in this slow cooling of one season to the next.

i find sometimes that after the heat of emotion fades to the calm of hindsight's blunt obviousness, i have regrets. i feel a melancholy over he choices i made in reactions. there are times when i would like to have spoken more, or spoken less, or not at all.

love, understanding, empathy, openness, patience. we are not ones to want to invite harm or ill wills upon ourselves, so do your best not to inflict these onto others.

it is an evolving learning experience, and it takes an active awareness of yourself and your emotional and cognitive parameters in order to know when to push forward and when to pull back. making a true apology is not a sign of weakness.

tonight's homework:

remember what you've done, all the good and all the lesser-than, and make a promise to do better tomorrow.