" fluctuation "


the heart begins to beat faster, with tiny quakes, flits, and flutters. the hush melds into a lovely silence as the lights dim slightly.

above, ripples of gold expand out in wide arcs. the crystals twinkle as they seem to rise ever higher into the upper tiers.

now sitting in the the collective dark, lit only by a myriad of glowing pinpoints all around, the expectation mounts. the curtain lifts with such steady power, the audience gasps. like so many times before this one, the first note is struck, and i know once more what the nature of a love is.

tonight's homework:

organize your desktop, both digital, mobile, and real life. knowing where things are in relation to your need of them, allows you to work more efficiently and waste less time. well, you can still scroll endlessly on your websites of choice, and with a cleaner workspace, do it without one elbow in an empty bowl of food.