" free firewood "


i always love finding myself dumbstruck by the solutions which come to me when i least expect it. they were there the entire time, and chose not to reveal themselves until that moment, at that time, however revelatory or inconvenient.

i remember listening t a tom waits interview where he describes a time when he was driving his car from here to there, and all of a sudden, an amazing diddy came to mind. he had to remain calm and drive safely, and he eventually told himself that if this was the song he was meant to remember, it would be more powerful than forgetfulness.

to think that such an idea could be so magnificent, it defies being lost. these are the treasures tucked away in the shady avenues. so languid, stationary, and without fanfare despite it's golden qualities.

it's just out of reach, tucked away on a little road, somewhere in the more desolate neighborhoods in your mind. a topographical map of hidden treasures, just waiting for your casual arrival.

tonight's homework:

look both ways before you cross the river. never turn your back on the ocean. forego the taxi and just walk home.