" from now on "


taking care of your teeth, eyes, mind, body, soul, spirit.

not spreading yourself too thin; you might disappear.

finding out that you have been over-scheduling your time and not leaving any for your Self.

make connections on a daily basis, real connections, one's which fuel your heart and propel you more into the world, instead of shrinking away from it.

take a break when you need it, drink water when you are thirsty, eat well when you are hungry. sleep when you are tired. make out at all opportunities. brush teeth at least twice daily and bathe accordingly.

dont fret too much about being an adult, over remembering to be an empathetic human.

give compliments when they are due. don't push someone down in order to push yourself up.

recognize that anger is an emotion which has equal weight ass other emotions, therefore should be respected. when you feel an anger rising, take a moment to pinpoint the origin; know the why and how of its rise and plateau, then allow the anger to ride out like all other emotions. let it exist, let it fall, let it dissipate, and move on.

tonight's homework:

make lists.

make love.

make amends.