" from up here "


it was exactly at this moment that i was born so many years ago. the world looks so different, and the vantage points have changed.

no longer am i fearful of the same things. i am more calm, more sorrowful, more playful, less rested, more excited about everything happening and everything to yet be.

i am a cavern of possibility, and a cup running over with excess. it's about perspective and the glasses through which we choose to see.

despite the heartache, folly, slips, stumbles and mistakes, there are fewer and fewer regrets. from up here, i can begin to see that it can only get better and better from here on out. i cannot wait to meet up.

tonight's homework:

you have a pass for tonight; i will be headed for grilled cheese, tomato soups, and beer'd delights through the cold and snow. see you tomorrow.