" front focus "


although you feel at times that many aspects of your daily life is out of alignment, how hard have you tried to adjust those discrepancies? nothing ever just works out, smooths itself over, happens for nothing, or chips fall where they may.

there can and should be some hand in the events which color our existence. we do not have to linger idly in between the light and shadows of situations. we can have opinions, speak our desires, own and express feelings, and push our agendas to the fore.

of course you must understand too that when you feel your utmost, at the top of your game, this does not guarantee that others will be in sync with you, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

have a plan, make a move, learn a skill, share a trade, cultivate knowledge, wisdom, viewpoints, passion, loves, stories, and free yourself from fitting back and forth from your Self. you have to allow yourself the permission to be honest at all times.

tonight's homework:

some people say you cannot really choose the elements of your happiness without a dash of fate and faith in magic, but maybe those people are more wizard than living example. you go out and implement your own life's desires in a manner most conducive to your elongated and sustained elation. no one gains anything from your unwarranted silence.