" garden of earthly delights "


the sun shines low in the sky on a warm afternoon. the heat rising from the streets find their level right around our waistlines. in the distance, birds are flying in formation toward the glistening waters of the ocean.

amidst an unusually windless spell, we sit amongst the varied regional florae. no words need to be spoken as we recline and take in the sun's energies. cold beads of condensation slowly trickle down clear glasses which rest in a forming ring of cool water on a coaster of gray slate.

animals in the near distance make their noises, the breeze kicks up and just as swiftly dissipates. the large ice cubes clink the sides of the glass, and we all make a brief eye contact. this is the moment we register and log away. this is the one which defines the late hour. we lean into the forgiving chairs, our forms heavy with the weight of developing daydreams.

tonight's homework:

pick a moment or a few from today which defined why it was worth getting up and out of bed. know these moments, cherish them no matter how simple or minuscule, and keep them in reserve to recall in harsher times.