" give me a reason "


sometimes the approach feels stifling or harrowing. the winds howl, the skies rend open, and the wash of the downpour seems like it will drown out all goodness from the world.

you're trying your best today, and the universe resounds. people heed your energy output, and all things find an alignment. stand tall, walk with a steady stride, the mind sharp, the body strong. you are fantastic.

the drive is there, the love is there, the desire and followthrough is ever-present. and where to place these attributes? a sign, just a single sign that this is the right direction. a beacon or call or note or glance which seeks out and find you where you are, and defines why you are there.

usually people wait and there is no sign. some people seek and there is no sign. but this time, this day, this moment, is where it all comes together. this is the one where just around the corner, dreams are going to be realized.

but, the best part of this version of this scene in the film of our life, is that this particular approach is clear skies and open arms. the ground guides you towards a path to amazing adventure and exploration. the seas remain calm, and everything is entirely possible.

tonight's homework:

be the better person, move on to something more important, treat yo'self.