" giving up the ghost "


with so much time dedicated to the pinpoint precision curation of your character, wouldn't it have just been easier to be yourself? it's not that hard, and it's the most hard. to live without ego or artifice, to have less sheen and more substance, to actively and continuously be that version of yourself which is truthful, open, kind, honest and real.

or none of those listed attributes, but in the least have your primary persona be your only one.

it gets tiring to wear and exchange masks all the time; to live your life behind the perceived expectations of friends, family, and numerous faceless strangers.

you can reset your entire life by being more parallel to who you are, and ultimately that is the more interesting person whom i would like to meet and interact with. the one who speaks from the heart, tells inappropriate jokes in crowded trains, who dances and sings their favorites, celebrates minor accomplishments with pie, and on and on.

it would be so much easier to be that shade of yourself which remained the most consistent hues and tonalities, but flexed the parameters of the spectrum which includes gained knowledge, life experience, lessons learned and taught, and all great conversations.

we are complex organisms struggling to make order out of this seemingly chaotic flux of it all, so it is perfectly understandable that you have to meander through versions of yourself to see where your circle peg fits in which square holes.

the fun part is to discover that you may be a rhombus or have existed as a multi-faceted dodecahedron the whole time. and i for one really am excited to see just how you will gleam and genuflect in the discovery of your true nature.

tonight's homework:

spend ten minutes doodling without a goal or end game. it really releases stress and gives your wandering mind something to focus on.