" glamor weather "


the seasons of the body are shifting. all the formations, the delivery services, the respiration, the cellular walls and the replenishments. they are in transit and the result of which, we move on.

the healing of the body still rests upon all other systems finding moments of balance int he order. proteins and lipids, then organelles, fats, blood, muscle, then tissues. organs like the lungs, brain or heart, then we the organisms.

outside of ourselves we are the village, the population at large, the people within the ecosystem. the skies clear, and decisions are made. i am choosing to see through the clutter and chaos of it all.

i'm looking past expectations, and deciding to see just how far this path leads.

tonight's homework:

to a certain percentage, i am sure you are able to devise a line of your own choosing. you see the obstacles along the grooves, but pay them no mind; celebrate your innate distinction, and make your mark upon the world.