" going going, ever onward "


taking command of your own personal trajectory, and how much it means in the spectrum of growth. finding yourself an adult, a real life adult and how did i ever get here? who has the answers, other more adulty adults? wanting to have the answers and endlessly having more questions.

this is the best time for realizations and calculated risk-taking. everyone on your side, all the salmon swimming against the river together, there is no way back.

and so on and so on and so forth and the river just flows and the skies open and close and the sun rises and wanes just kissing the wide horizon of the earth and all people deserve a glimpse of sweetness and truth.


find that strength reserve while seeking out a sense of continued adventure. write it all down, record it on tape, make an audio archive of all thoughts however valid or scatterbrained. sometimes it's fun to be the architect and the builder at the same time.

we're riding.

tonight's homework:

do less of those things which make you frustrated, sad, or angry, and do more of the things which make you gleeful, helpful, and blissed out!