" good dental hygiene "


it took six shots to the deepest part of my gums to get the novocaine to the correct spot. in the time it takes normal people to get numb, it took twice as long. perhaps it was like the previous dentist in thailand said that one time i had two teeth pulled, "your bones and teeth are too healthy...so so healthy."

they put this little dab of numbing agent on your gum before they inject you with the longest needle ever. it's like a little strawberry-ish, but more like the idea of a strawberry if you didn't have any experience eating real strawberries, and had to cobble a taste based on the smell alone. it was not the best choice.

so after a half hour my jaw, gums, cheek, and half my tongue were numbed. in the anticipation of the procedure, i inadvertently bit the inner side of my cheek. for the briefest of moments, i could taste blood, but i washed it out with the most miniature of cups of mouthwash. the sting from that shallow blue liquid stung and then refreshed.

the actual drilling and dabbing, spit-suctioning and cementing was a blur. every time as a kid i would see a dentist, that warm glowing light which illuminates the mouth for inspection, would put me right to sleep. i would feel such a weight of warming warmth, and my lids closed gently until i was snoring.

as an adult, this series of events still happens, to the surprise of everyone involved. i did manage to remember dreaming about running fast through an empty city, trying to decipher the precise vibration the rest of reality existed on. i never found the answer, and everything remained a beautiful blur.

when it was over, i still felt the spot on my cheek where i had bit. it is only later now that i feel just how hard the bite was. agitated and raw, with the slightest taste of copper, the edges of the wound still jut out just far enough to skirt the edges of the molar's enamel.

tonight's homework:

brush and floss regularly and with a genuine awareness. getting a cavity filled in your tooth is not the worst pseudo-medical appointment to keep, but it is a good one if you wish to continue using your teeth and the benefits therein for years to come. i suggest actually getting over yourself, your sense of infinite mortality, and really do a bang up job of keeping them chompers clean, robust, free from plaque and getting them checked more than once every three years.