" grease girl "


when you actively make an effort to pursue a dream, it can manifest in so many ways. dreams and ideas inspired by dreams, have the power to change the conversation. we rarely take great chances in our normal day-to-day, but if you got a sign from a dream, one in which an accomplishment or desire was fully realized, how could you but see it through?

let's build a mountain of mashed potatoes, swim in space, burrow deep into the earth and meet the dwellers of the deepest caverns only to discover that it's a mirror plane of existence whereby the surface of their world is the core of ours...what?!

less troubling and more challenging are those dreams you seek out which require research, dedication, gumption, verve, panache, creativity, hard labor, failures, and ultimately incremental successes and progress. when a dream becomes a reality, it completely alters the trajectory of your day, week, month, year life.

tonight's homework:

take a chance on yourself. be bold, brave, optimistic, and above all, don't forget to ask for help. there is no shame in not knowing or understanding; allow others to fill in the gaps to your momentary confusion.



peep out my very good friend grease girl, and support her in the continually-realizing dream-made-reality of her adventures as a hot-rodding garage DIY enthusiast mechanic, and all around amazing adventurer. in her own words, 

"Inspiring the world, one grease monkey at a time, to get in the garage and get greasy! Grease Girl is a place to learn, share and delve into the hot rodding lifestyle.
Whether it’s a specific garage DIY you’re looking for or just want to dive into the journey of a fellow car loving gal, you’ve found the right place. Enjoy learning and laughing along with the adventures you find here on Grease Girl…and then go out and create your own!"

bonus bonus!

peep out a few pics i shot for her on my visit to socal. and really enjoy her passion for cars; it is contagious!