" have a dream, live a dream "


tried to peep out hanna hart's debut book signing event at the housing works bookstore last week, and the line was so so so long, that my friend and i could only get so close.

i was surprised firstly that there was so many people in line; at least four hundred based on how the staff had to meter the line entry. it snaked all over and throughout the store to such a serpentine level, that i'm not sure anyone was prepared at all.

secondly, a fair amount of the people in line were teenage girls. i suppose the culture of cool and the silly idea of a young woman (of drinking age) cooking meals while drunk is hilarious enough to garner this unexpected (to me) demographic to the signing.

maybe i'm wrong and there is a place for underage girls to support and get giddy about a web-show/book pertaining to the culinary arts alongside the consumption of alcohol(s). bt yeah, i was wide-eyed and confused. maybe they're just more NY than i.

the line weaved and curled, and my friend and i decided that we were too old for this ish, but in truth we had pre-gamed too hard and couldn't maintain the same level of excitement. new york always has some crazy good fun weird interesting activities, so until the next time, i'll sleep it off, and save my strength for the next oddity.