" heart full "


you give your all, because anything less deprives you of a full experience. you put yourself out front, in the fray of the world outside the threshold of your smaller world.

give yourself an opportunity to share your everything with everyone, because when you withhold yourself from everyone, you are depriving all people the full experience of you.

it's a hard task to be sure. to be so open, so vulnerable, so willing to take a chance on your strengths, and to bolster up the structures of your perceived weaknesses. it can be a hard sell.

but what sweet reward, what immense measurement of satisfaction, and joy, and a reminder that life can turn up in your favor. it can happen.

it has happened; you may have forgotten it. it will happen; there is a certain inevitability to all of this. it is happening right now; you may not realize it, but you are growing, forging a path, and becoming more and more each moment of each day.

and believe it, people take notice.

tonight's homework:

be a valentine to yourself first.